Buying Relyence Software Tools

The Relyence tools are available either hosted in the cloud or installed locally on-premise - it's your choice. There are advantages of each.

Cloud Solution

With the Relyence Cloud Solution, the software and your data are hosted totally in the Microsoft Cloud. All upgrades, backups, IT activity, etc. are taken care of for you allowing you to focus on what's important to you - your analysis. Key benefits include:

  • The software is available from anywhere you have an Internet connection ... from your desktop computer, a coworker's computer, or a conference room.
  • With your login you have access to the software anytime you want ... from work, home, and on the road.
  • You also can access the software from any device including tablets and smartphones.
  • Software upgrades happen automatically for you behind the scenes. 
  • High availability is provided by the ubiquitous Microsoft Cloud.

On-Premise Solution

If your company prefers to have complete control over your software processes including having locally installed applications and data, then the Relyence On-Premise Solution has been designed for you. Advantages of it include:

  • You and your IT department have complete control over the installation of your software. You can have it installed on your choice of computers providing you with control over upgrades.
  • Your data is located on your local computers providing the security that your organization requires.
  • With the proper configuration,  you can still access your software from any location and any time.
  • Tablets such as iPads and smartphones are supported.

Whether you choose the Relyence Cloud or the Relyence On-Premise Solution, rest assured in knowing that the full feature set is identical between the two. It's simply a matter of where you wish, or require, your software and data to be located.

For detailed pricing information, please contact us.