The Defense Industry

Products built in the defense industry have a clear need for reliability driven goals and strict adherence to reliability and maintainability (RAM) standards due to the critical nature of their operation, and the catastrophic consequences of failures of any kind. Defense systems are mission critical, meaning they must have a high level of reliability and availability. The needs of the defense industry filter down to all defense suppliers and vendors – who are oftentimes required to meet compliance standards and measurable metrics as part of their contractual requirement.

Relyence applications are built and designed to handle the demanding needs of customers in the defense industry. The Relyence solutions for the defense sector include:

Relyence Reliability Prediction

Supporting MIL-HDBK-217, Telcordia, and China's 299C the worldwide-accepted standards for failure rate analysis, Relyence Reliability Prediction allows you to quickly and accurately perform your reliability analysis, including MTBF and failure rate values of components, subsystems, and systems. Learn more.

Relyence RBD

Complex systems that incorporate redundant components require specialized tools in order to properly evaluate the effects of their redundancy. Relyence RBD provides these capabilities allowing you to link to Relyence Reliability Prediction as desired and model the effects of various redundancy types with detailed failure and repair properties. Learn more.

Relyence FRACAS

Supporting Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System requirements, Relyence FRACAS offers out-of-the-box support for your corrective action processes, and is completely adaptable to meet your unique requirements. With built-in support for process control through workflow, enforcement of approvals, and notifications, Relyence FRACAS ensures your processes remain tightly controlled, manageable, and measurable. With high-level dashboard overviews, Relyence FRACAS can track vital metrics and events to keep everyone informed. And you can use Relyence's product integration to monitor and compare your actual field or testing MTBFs with your predicted MTBFs from Relyence Reliability Prediction. Learn more.

Relyence FMEA / FMECA

Relyence FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) supports MIL-STD-1629 FMEAs, DFMEAs, FMECAs, and CAs. Criticality calculations are automatic, and the sleek user-interface make the analysis process comfortable and efficient. Relyence FMEA also supports all widely used commercial FMEA standards, so if you’ve adapted your FMEA process to use RPN and other risk metrics, Relyence FMEA can meet those needs just as easily. Learn more.

Relyence Fault Tree

For powerful risk assessment, Relyence Fault Tree provides a comprehensive graphical fault tree diagramming front end with an accurate analytical back end for best-in-class fault tree analyses (FTA). Supporting exact calculations, simulation techniques, importance measures, and minimal cut set evaluation, Relyence Fault Tree is the comprehensive solution for fault tree analyses. Learn more.