The Oil & Gas Industry

Many issues make the Oil & Gas industry unique, and its key characteristics explain why reliability measures are of critical importance. Equipment is put under high stresses, extreme environments, and must achieve high availability metrics. Downtime, delays, interruptions must be minimized. Tracking and control mechanisms are key parts of maintaining reliability goals.

Relyence tools that are useful in the Oil and Gas industry include:

Relyence FMEA

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is used throughout the oil & gas sector, and specifically Process FMEAS, or PFMEAs. Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), PFMEAs, and Control Plans are all elements used to properly analyze the process and maintain process control. Relyence FMEA supports the full cycle of Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, starting with the Process Flow Diagram, moving to the PFMEA, and then to the Control Plans built from the preceding analyses. Additionally, Relyence FMEA incorporates the unique always-in-sync™ technology which ensures your PFD, PFMEA, and Control Plan data remains in sync and tightly controlled so that vital information is not lost or overlooked. Learn more.

Relyence FRACAS

Supporting Corrective and Prevention Action requirements, Relyence FRACAS offers out-of-the-box support for your corrective action processes, and is completely adaptable to meet your unique requirements. With built-in support for process control through workflow, enforcement of approvals, and notifications, Relyence FRACAS ensures your processes remain tightly controlled, manageable, and measurable. With high-level dashboard overviews, Relyence FRACAS can track vital metrics and events to keep the entire team informed. Learn more.

Relyence Fault Tree

For high-risk situations, Relyence Fault Tree can be utilized for overall risk assessment and management. Relyence Fault Tree provides a comprehensive graphical fault tree diagramming front end with an accurate analytical back end for best-in-class fault tree analyses (FTA). Supporting exact calculations, simulation techniques, importance measures, and minimal cut set evaluation, Relyence Fault Tree is the comprehensive solution for fault tree analyses. Learn more.