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Our Products

Planning, designing, and producing top-notch products is hard. Doing it all with a focus on achieving high reliability is even harder. That’s where Relyence comes in. Our Product Reliability Lifecycle Management platform was built with one thing in mind: you. We provide an intuitive design to empower you to quickly and efficiently analyze your solution for reliability, get the answers you need, and get back to improving your solution. 

Questions to ask yourself in evaluating if Relyence might be a good solution for you.

Questions to ask yourself in evaluating if Relyence might be a good solution for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself

We are confident that Relyence can become a "go to" tool in your toolbox. But, in order to help decide if Relyence might be right for your organization, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is my data in unique silos?
  • Does my company sometimes repeat the same mistakes?
  • Do I lack visibility into the "real" issues?
  • Could my process use a better structure and more organization?
  • Do I feel that there must be a better way?

If your curiosity is piqued, then please continue reading below to learn about bit more about what we think is the best way - the Relyence Way.

Relyence - Your Product Reliability Lifecycle Management Platform

Whether your goal is to improve your product or whether you need to comply with a standard such as ISO-9001, ISO/TS 16949, an SAE or AIAG standard, or an FDA requirement (or both!), Relyence is there to help you achieve it. Performing FMEAs or Fault Trees, analyzing issues for FRACAS and Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), and calculating your reliability with redundancies using known standards or actual data, are examples of how Relyence can help.

One of the unique aspects about Relyence is its connectivity. We are an on-premise or a cloud-hosted solution so you can have your data at your fingertips wherever you are, but we didn’t stop there. Our software itself is all about connectivity as well. Data seamlessly flows through all of our products and capabilities, bringing you unprecedented power. No more copying, duplicating, and verifying to confirm that your data is identical. Relyence connects it all so you are always in sync.

Relyence - your closed-loop, cloud or on-premise Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) platform.

Relyence - your closed-loop, cloud or on-premise Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) platform.

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Key Benefits of the Relyence Way

There are numerous benefits of using the Relyence Platform including the following.

  • Drive world-class reliability excellence by using Relyence's closed-loop process. 
  • Provide for continuous reliability, risk, and safety improvement by simply using the system. The more you use it, the better it gets.
  • Build consistent and accurate terminology for failure modes, effects, controls, actions and other important information.
  • Use Relyence's "Always in Sync" capability to ensure consistency, minimize errors, and speed analysis time.
  • Spend less time entering data and more time analyzing your design. 
  • Create an enterprise-wide knowledge base that can be used for all future solutions. 
  • Gain better visibility into your failure data to help reduce products defects and production downtime. 
  • Reduce risk in the supply chain by identifying issues early on. 
  • Reduce the manufacturing process risk through the consistent use of good FMEAs and Control Plans.
  • Create a consistent corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plan.
  • Collaborate across your enterprise to efficiently analyze your product, process, or service.
  • Report across your all your products to provide high-level management overviews.
  • Use the built-in workflow engine to ensure timely and accurate analyses. 

Install on your Premises or Use in the Microsoft Cloud

Web-Based Trial

First of all, the free Relyence trial is online and web-based. The software and any data that you create are hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, on Microsoft's servers. There is nothing to install on your local computer. You simply sign up and log in at your convenience from work, home, or on the road.

Your Purchased Software Options

The Relyence tools are built with flexibility in mind. When you purchase Relyence tools, you choose one of the following:

  • Continue with the Cloud-Hosted Solution. If you would like to continue accessing your data in the cloud, then with your purchase we will simply convert your online trial into fully-licensed products. That way, any preliminary data that you created can be expanded upon in your actual analyses.
  • Switch to an On-Premise Installed Solution. If you prefer or are organizationally required to have your software installed either locally on your computer or on your network or your own private cloud, then with your purchase you will simply download the Relyence tools for installation on the hardware of your choosing. As you would expect, this is a straight-forward process that will have you up and running very quickly.

For additional information on these options, be sure to check out the "Solutions" web page for each of the Relyence products.

The Relyence Products

Convinced that Relyence may be worthwhile for your company? Read more to truly discover the advantages of the Relyence Way.

  • Relyence FMEA. Comprehensive, customizable solution for your Failure Mode and Effects Analyses along with fully integrated Control Plans and Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Relyence FRACAS. Flexible Corrective and Preventive Action platform based on 8D, PDCA, DMAIC, or customized methods for effectively managing your closed-loop corrective action process.
  • Relyence Fault Tree. High performance risk assessment software engineering tool encompassing a powerful calculation engine and a rich diagramming user interface.
  • Relyence Reliability Prediction. Quick and easy failure rate and MTBF analyses based on the worldwide-accepted MIL-HDBK-217, Telcordia, and China's 299C standards.
  • Relyence RBD. Visual Reliability Block Diagrams along with powerful calculation engine allows you to quickly evaluate the effects of having redundant components.