The Telecommunications Industry

The telecom industry faces many challenges in keeping networks operational, consumers happy, and system functioning at peak capacity. Reliability and the cost of poor quality (COPQ) in the telecom sector are significant, as service disruptions can be increasingly problematic. Telecom clients use a number of analysis techniques to help meet and exceed reliability objectives.

Relyence tools used in the telecom industry include:

Relyence FMEA

Supporting SAE J1729, ARP 5580, AIAG, as well as custom FMEA implementations, Relyence FMEA supports Design FMEAs and Process FMEAs. Relyence FMEA includes out-of-the-box functionality that gets you up and running in minimal time in a streamlined, easy-to-understand worksheet interface. RPN (Risk Priority Numbers) as well as other criticality assessments are available. Additionally, Relyence FMEA supports full-cycle Process FMEA, starting with Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), through PFMEAs, to Control Plans. Relyence FMEA also integrates Design and Process FMEAs so that information is kept controlled and managed efficiently. Learn more.

Relyence FRACAS / CAPA

Supporting Corrective and Prevention Action requirements, Relyence FRACAS offers out-of-the-box support for your corrective action processes, and is completely adaptable to meet your unique requirements. With built-in support for process control through workflow, enforcement of approvals, and notifications, Relyence FRACAS ensures your processes remain tightly controlled, manageable, and measurable. With high-level dashboard overviews, Relyence FRACAS can track vital metrics and events to keep everyone on the team informed. Learn more.

Relyence Fault Tree

For high-risk situations, Relyence Fault Tree can be utilized for overall risk assessment and management. Relyence Fault Tree provides a comprehensive graphical fault tree diagramming front end with an accurate analytical back end for best-in-class fault tree analyses (FTA). Supporting exact calculations, simulation techniques, importance measures, and minimal cut set evaluation, Relyence Fault Tree is the comprehensive solution for fault tree analyses. Learn more.

Relyence Reliability Prediction

Relyence Reliability Prediction allows you to quickly and accurately perform your reliability analytics, including MTBF and failure rate values of components, subsystems, and systems. Learn more.

Relyence RBD

Complex systems that incorporate redundant components require specialized tools in order to properly evaluate the effects of their redundancy. Relyence RBD provides these capabilities allowing you to link to Relyence Reliability Prediction as desired and model the effects of various redundancy types with detailed failure and repair properties. Learn more.